News & Career Advice Section Redesign


Increase stickiness on the site by enhancing the career advice section.


The initial technology goal was to replace our current custom CMS with the Wordpress easy to use interface. They took advantage to revamp the current Editorial section. We collaborated with an external Wordpress specialised agency for the implementation and visual design.


Understand how the users behave on this particular section and find a way to engage them more.

Also, as my first site as an interaction designer, I was left on my own to manage this product and design for the first three months!

My Role

I have particpated to the user research by creating personas for this particular audience, I created the full prototype and supervised the visual design to make sure it matched the current design guidelines, as well as a lot of product management.


User Research

I created a set of personas for the audience visiting the news & careers section by interviewing editorial staff.

Sketched Prototype

I found that analytics was showing that 86% of visitors was landing on an article page and only 9% was staying on this section, which showed an issue in navigation and the browsing article method. Therefore I added some related articles that could catch the users' attention to keep browsing on the site.

New Banner Ad Unit Implementation

New platform meant new ad units positioning and implementation. As I had an excellent knowledge of the Dart platform (today Google DFP) and was participating to the product management, I created the architecture of the implementation and documented for the business people so they can easily understand and set up the new ad units.