Candidate Account Section Redesign


Increase the registration conversions and the database of candidates available to recruiters.


Same as the back office redesign, we had to build a brand new JAVA platform to replace a 10 years old Cold Fusion code which was limiting any improvement.


2 main challenges: Enhance the existing candidate mini profile and provoke appeal in creating it, without the users being stopped by the amount of information required and allow users to register with social networks.

My Role

I was the lead designer for the whole project, from competitor and analytics analysis to the visual design. I also took over the product management few months before the launch. The main UX method I used here was the Gradual Engagement.


User Research

Based on existing personas, I created an emotional journey to spot the moment where the user would get more confused or hesitant to register.

The long registration form on the existing site was counting a lot of drop off and this is where we decided to reduce it to a minimum to let the user engage easily with the site, and only later, at the right moment, we would ask for the required information to create a profile.

Conversion Goals

I clearly defined what we wanted our users to achieve with our new registration flows including gradual engagement and illustrated the data goal in a data onion.

Task Flows

This flow diagram represents different users status flows toward the profile creation.

New Profile Sketches

I started working on the prototype and create a "sketchy" prototype to present to stakeholders, so they don't start discussing any visual design elements.


Because we were working Agile, I created a prototype for every specific flow, as each flow had specific case scenarios (I stopped doing that, a single prototype is much better).

Here is an example of a Registration with Social Network in the case a newly registered user with Google had already registered with eFinancialCareers in the past.