Redesigning the Job Search Section


Redesigning the job search to improve the active jobseekers search experience to drive more conversions.


The technology goal was to build a brand new JAVA platform to be able to easily implement new features in the future. The deadline imposed us to design for desktop only but thinking responsive for the future.


Implementing an innovative faceted search on a global scale with multiple location levels.

My Role

I participated to the initial concept development, I created the information architecture, task flows, and was the designer for the final prototype, and the high fidelity mockups.


Inital Work

I initially worked on this project defining scope and KPIs in collaboration with the product manager. We organised focus group with key stakeholders and I sketched the first ideas of what should pages contain.

Multi Variance Testing

We did multiple multi Variance testings on the existing site to check whether our ideas were correct.

Information architecture

I created the site architecture and task flows to check whether everything was there and functioning correctly.

Building the Prototype

A prototype was created for initial ideas, features and user testing, and I have reduced it to a minimal viable product with the main useful features to meet the deadline.

Testing the Prototype

Some eye-tracking sessions were organised where the prototype was tested and where we could spot the struggle points and make some changes according to the results.

Visual Design

On the visual side, I have skinned the prototype to the new Brand guidelines, and worked collaboratively with an external agency to provide icons and updating the guidelines.