Client Account & Internal Users Sites Redesign


Redesign the back office for client accounts and internal users where all job postings, resume searches and company administration take place to offer new functionalities and a better performance.


We had to build a brand new JAVA platform to replace a 10 years old Cold Fusion code which was limiting any improvement. The back office redesign was targeting desktop resolution only.


My personal challenge was to get fully into the project at a very late stage and therefore meet an extreme short deadline. My luck was to know the platform from A to Z, and the users' behaviour and needs, having worked my self as an internal users during 3 years before.

My Role

I made an in-depth user research and created the first clients personas. I then worked on a different project and was called towards the end of the project to take part on the product management, and to review the whole information architecture, interaction, flows and user experience, that I successfully achieved for the launch.


User Research & Personas Creation

When the project started, I made an in-depth user research using analytics, interviews and general research to convince the stakeholders and technology team to use personas as a tool for conceptualising the project.

Site Architecture

I created a page diagram to make sure all features were included and that the relationship was logical and efficient.

Task Flows

I did all the users' flows to be able to communicate with the technology team.

New Feature I Created to Improve Client Accounts Set up

One of the challenge for internal users was setting up a new Client account because new complex architectural concepts were introduced in this redesign. So to facilitate internal users learnability, I created a "Help" feature that would indicate "What to do next" at each step of the account set up.


I created 2 prototypes: one for clients and another one for Internal Users. Although they were both sharing some functionalities, they had different interfaces. The testing was mainly done with internal users.